In a previous post, I mentioned my complete lack of humor during my first trimester. While mostly true, it’s not 100% true. There were two things that never failed to brighten my day:

  1. The Super Duper Party Troopers

    The first time I flipped to the station while this was playing, I began to think about how adults who perform for children can be really gung-ho about it…and while watching these guys sing and dance about ants in their pants I thought, “wow, these guys are really going for it and holding nothing back. Wait…is this real?” And then it turned out to be a PSA. But holy moly did that sung get stuck in my head. I looked it up on YouTube and would listen to it on loop. Unfortunately, I now kinda associate it with nausea because yay being nauseous all of the time…but it still brings a smile to my face to watch those dudes shimmy their shoulders.

  2. Man buys toy poodles, discovers they’re actually ferrets on steroids
    poodle-ferret-lg (1)
    Just read the story. Seriously. I can’t even say anything about it because I laugh too hard every time I just look at the photo that accompanies every article. But really…those poor ferrets.