If you for some reason don’t know anything about Rosemary’s Baby, this post is just a big ol’ spoiler.

I mentioned before and I should mention again that I typically fall asleep during movies. This isn’t something new. I’ve done it for years. (Never in a movie theatre, mind you, just in home settings.) As a movie buff, I have a lot of thoughts about what falling asleep during a movie can add or subtract to the viewing experience, but I digress. The point is that I fell asleep around 5 minutes into Rosemary’s Baby and woke up when there were about 10 minutes left in the movie. But that’s okay. I’ve watched the movie a number of times and read the book at least twice.

So, why did I decide to watch this movie again while pregnant? Oh, who knows? Perhaps my subconscious was looking for a connection with Rosemary. She feels a complete loss of control throughout her pregnancy as her husband and neighbors plot, scheme, and manipulate her to ensure her pregnancy goes according to their plans. Likewise, I feel a complete loss of control of my body and of my life, which at times seems to be spiraling away from me.

Perhaps it was my way of addressing one of the (many) fears I have for the child. (Again, I’ve mentioned the whole fear-of-no-eyes thing.) What if I give birth to a psychopath? I actually dreamt that! What if I only think I know who the father of my child is but in truth the pipsqueak is really the spawn of Satan? What an interesting episode of Maury that would be…

Whatever my reasons for watching this movie, as with Waitress, the movie ends with a mother showing unwavering love for her child despite all of the odds.