Buzzfeed recently published a post entitled 20 Maternity Style Essentials For Hip Mommies-To-Be. My initial thought after reading the post? “NO.” The sartorial choices weren’t the absolute worst, but they weren’t good enough to overcome the major flaw of the list. While there were some general style ideas, the list was overall way to specific, recommending 20 very specific and over-priced articles of clothing. Anyone who could afford these “essentials” wouldn’t be taking fashion advice from a Buzzfeed article.

I was relieved when I got to the end of the article to find that the comments were full of people with a similar reaction. The list is worth reading just for the comments. Here’s one gem:

why the f*** do I need a $100 pair of ugly a** converse? B****, I need a baby crib. Not an expensive pair of shoes.

AND just one more:

This is genuinely the worst list of maternity clothes not generated by a hemp loving bed sharing sanctimommy. Congrats!