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My Fetus is More Hardcore Than You Are

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From Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Labor Day


I am now 34 weeks. This means I have 3-8 weeks until the Pipsqueak finally makes her big debut. I am due November 1, but the consensus amongst strangers and friends alike is that I will probably pop a little early. It is no secret that I am beyond ready to be done with this pregnancy thing and it would make my life simpler if she did arrive early. Alas, I have no control over this and am operating under God’s (and the Pipsqueak’s) timing.

That being said, I am rushing to get the most important things taken care of. I need to pack my hospital bag, install my carseat, make sure someone has keys to my apartment, find someone to take care of my cat, get the diaper service lined up and ready to go, etc. And I’d like to meet the doctor who is delivering my baby as that is something that hasn’t happened yet (unless the OB who I have been seeing happens to be doing deliveries despite being nearly as pregnant as I am).

One of the best parts of being pregnant (that I will discuss a bit more in another post which I have been planning for a while but may or may not get around to writing) has been the countless stories I have heard from other people. Now I am seeking a very specific story: I would love to hear about people’s labor! Digging around my message boards and just talking to people about labor, I hear conflicting reports of, “Oh, you will definitely know!” to “I didn’t realize I was in labor until it was almost time for the baby to pop out!” It’s amusing and terrifying to say the least. Even just finding descriptions of contractions has been problematic as they are apparently different for everyone. I’m pretty sure I recognize my Braxton-Hicks contractions but I can’t be sure. So I’d love to hear from you. What was it like for you?