Halle Berry Gives Birth to a Boy


So Halle Berry just had a child with husband Olivier Martinez and my first thought was, “Ooooo. What if Nia grows up and marries that boy (who I’m sure will be ridiculously attractive)?” What an awkward mom thought.

The article about the birth features pictures of Halle late in her pregnancy and of course she looked amazing. As an adult woman, I know better than to envy the beauty of someone like Halle Berry. But my brown eyes turned green with envy when I looked at her ankles and saw that they were not swollen. Seriously, how did she manage to even avoid swollen ankles??

Halle Berry gives birth to baby boy: Actress welcomes first child with husband Olivier Martinez

Soon my profile picture will be of my baby

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We Get Ot
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My Fetus is More Hardcore Than You Are

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From Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Periods are a breeze compared to this

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“At least you don’t have to get your period!” I’ve heard at least a dozen times since getting pregnant.



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Week 28 is here. I have finally reached my third trimester. And thus will commence the longest 3 months of my life.

Hurry Up

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I am ready to get this baby out of my womb and into all of the cute clothes I have for her.

Happy Belated Father’s Day

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I am a father

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