The day we were all waiting for finally arrived. I patiently ooed and awwed over the various developing limbs and organs of my little Pipsqueak as the technician attacked my belly with her ultrasound wound. She knew what we were really there, though, typing “It’s a Girl!!!!!” as she took a still of the image focused on the area between the Pipsqueak’s legs. I am hoping this is the only such photo of my daughter in that position that will ever be existence.

I had hoped for a daughter, which meant I thought I was having a son. I bet it was a boy but prayed it would be a girl. When I was first pregnant, the child who came to me in flashes when I showered, and laid awake at night attempting to sleep was a little girl. So I think in a way I always knew and I always loved her. 

I am still plagued by all of the typical worries that something will go wrong, that it is prideful of me to think that everything will be okay. But in my heart I know they will. I know God made her for me and me for her and that no matter how much of a screw-up I may be, she will be loved and cared for always.