Frequently Asked Questions About My Pregnancy Part II

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Here I am in week 17. Some of the questions have changed. Some have stayed the same.

Do you get morning sickness? I feel nauseous every now and then but it’s mostly been on the decline in the past few weeks. It’s usually more of a first trimester thing, though during my last appointment, I overheard one of the nurses on the phone telling a patient that it’s not abnormal to experience sickness throughout the entire pregnancy and that she herself had to pull over to throw up when she was on the way to the hospital to deliver.

Do you know the gender yet? No, but my ultrasound is in just a couple of weeks!

Do you have any names picked out? Yes.

Are you showing yet? (From friends and family who live out of town) Yes, I am. This is not the first time my belly has been this size but this is the first time my belly has been this size and I haven’t been able to suck it in. It’s liberating to no longer care whether or not something I put on makes my tummy look big, though.

Do you get any weird cravings? Not yet. I pretty much wanted Taco Bell all of the time during my first trimester but I’ve been eating like a normal person lately. (Ok, maybe french fries and Japanese food was weird, but not weird weird.)

How do you feel? I feel great! All of those happy hormones have kicked in and my energy has returned – just like all of the sources said it would around now. This is mostly true. I get dizzy spells every once in a while and am usually ridiculously sore and tired when I get home from work/other adventures and still have to take at least one nap a day. I also still cry at the drop of a hat.

Frequently Asked Questions About My Pregnancy, Part I

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I’ve already posted a funny video about FAQ most pregnant women face. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions I currently get asked.

Are you excited? Sometimes. This is the most common question I get and it feels awkward to not just say yes, which is what people want to hear. I am very much looking forward to meeting and being a mother to my kid. Right now I’m more concerned with figuring out how I’m going to take care of the kid.

Was this planned? No.

Are you [and the dad] moving in together?/Are you getting married? No.

Is there anything you need? There are sooo many things I need but feel free to just offer me a cookie.

Do you get morning sickness? Why do we still call it that when we all know it’s not just in the morning? I spent the better part of 2 months feeling incredibly nauseous nearly all of the time but I never threw up.

How far along are you? Obviously, the answer to this question changes every day but I am due on November 1.

Will you breastfeed? I plan to but you know what they say about the best laid plans… I’ve heard stories from women who were unable to for a number of reasons so in general I’m trying to not set myself up for disappointment.

Will you find out the sex? Yes, as soon as I can. There are enough unknowns, I’ll take all of the information I can get.

Have you picked out names? Yes, I have a boy name and a girl name but it’s still entirely possible for dad and I to change our minds by the time the pipsqueak is born.

What’s it like being pregnant? It sucks. I want to get rich just so I can fund research the allow fetuses to be grown in artificial uteri so no one else has to go through this. (I’m kinda sorta kidding. But being pregnant is difficult.)