People keep asking if I need anything, so I’m going to eat a slice of humble pie and say that yes, there are a lot of things I am going to need for the little pipsqueak.

My actual Baby Registry can be found here: The things I need most are listed there. I also have a lot of things I don’t need but just like listed, such as clothes. Note that it is two pages long and can be sorted by category, price, and priority. (I like to window shop, okay? Don’t judge me.)

Here are some things that at 9 months I still need:

  • Diaper covers. They can be found on Amazon, or if you are local, at Park + Vine. I plan on using the Thirsties diaper covers.
  • Changing pad covers. These also can be found on my registry or in pretty much any place that sells baby supplies.
  • A crib bumper/liner. This is a lesser need and more of a want. Bumpers are apparently considered a hazard but the mesh liners that go around the crib can still help protect the baby from injury.
  • A nursing cover.
  • A high chair. This is obviously not an immediate need but I am sure the time when I do need it will approach rather rapidly.

Some other thoughts on baby gifts:

  • I am not proud. Any and all gifts will be appreciated and put to good use.
  • I ain’t fancy. Hand-me-downs are super, super welcome, as are homemade items.
  • I am pretty serious about making sure any plastic items are BPA-free. Especially plastic items that she will put in her mouth (AKA – All the things).
  • When it comes to clothes, I really only need things in size 9 months and larger. Her first few months have been covered thanks to a cavalcade of generous gifts from recent parents.
  • We will be using cloth diapers for the Pipsqueak. Gift certificates to the diapering service would be awesome and can be purchased here:
  • If you want to purchase something that is on the Baby Registry somewhere other than on Amazon, that’s fine! I’m not worried at all about getting duplicate gifts, but if I do, the dad could also use a lot of the same items.
  • I like cookies a lot. If you just want to get me a cookie, I would love you forever.

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